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Know Your Way Through Lisbon Neighborhoods

Lisbon is a city full of history and natural beauty. A place where the Portuguese authenticity is the most profound value and the way of life the most enjoyable treasure.
The geography of the city is spread over seven hills that marked the way the city was built. A city built and forged throughout wars that led to the beginning of a worldwide empire. From the top of one of these hills is the Castelo de São Jorge, dating from the XI century, is one of the few landmarks to resist of the Great Earthquake of 1755. With one of the most magnificent views over the city, it was from the top of the hill, that the castle witness the construction of a new city by the hand of the Marquis of Pombal during the XVIII century. A city of wide boulevards extending from the top of the Parque Eduardo VII to the riverside square of Terreiro do Paço. It’s in this area that we find some of the most sumptuous buildings of the city, especially in the grandiose squares of Restauradores and Rossio.
In the west side of the city is the historical area of Belém. Privileged located along the waterfront, this area has some of the most magnificent Portuguese monuments like the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos and Torre de Belém. Here we can also find several palaces and museums that celebrate the great 
Portuguese achievements during the age of Discovery.


Discover the Wonders of the Great Lisbon Area

Outside Lisbon and following the river Tejo we arrive to Estoril and Cascais. Two seaside towns of exquisite and cosmopolitan lifestyle. Here we can find magnificent beaches, exclusive golf courses, palatial villas and even the largest casino in Europe.
Heading north we find the historical village of Sintra. A village full of mysteries and enchantments, surrounded by a huge forest park that embraces those who are, without a doubt, the most emblematic palaces of Portugal – Palácio Nacional de Sintra, Palácio da Pena and Palácio de Monserrate. Besides the historical significance of Sintra, here we can also find some of the most unspoiled beaches of Greater Lisbon.
North of Sintra, we found the city of Mafra, home of the National Palace and the playground of the former Portuguese monarchy. Also in Mafra, and specifically in the fishing village of Ericeira, it’s the only World Surfing Reserve in Europe. A paradise for all surf lovers that may also try the southern beaches of Costa da Caparica. Besides the amazing waves, here you can also find the largest and widest beaches of the Great Lisbon area.

Lisbon Neighborhoods  Historic and Touristic Atractions

A confusing maze of medieval streets that are just breath taking.
The pleasure of being in Lisbon’s most sophisticated and classic neighborhood.
Where the River Meets the Atlantic
Historic monuments, contemporary art and the best custard tart in the World.
Watching Over the City
A journey back in time through winding narrow streets that lead to amazing lookouts over Lisbon.
One of the oldest neighborhoods with amazing views on the top of Lisbon’s highest hill.
Where the Sky Touches the Green and the Sea
Home of the National Palace, was once the hunting and play ground of the Portuguese monarchy.
Capital of Romanticism
Cultural Landscape and World Heritage site since 1995, represents the mystery of historical romanticism.

Lisbon Neighborhoods  Nightlife

An immersive experience in a true bohemian lifestyle, where nightlife is full of charm and history.
The multicultural dimension of Lisbon. A place somehow unmentioned in tourism guides.
A hip neighborhood known for its antique shops, gardens, viewpoints and growing gay scene.

Lisbon Neighborhoods  Traditional Neighborhoods

Residential Wide Avenues
A hidden residential oasis with large sidewalks and friendly neighbors.
Campo de Ourique
The Traditional Lifestyle
Amazing residential neighborhood where tradition is reinvented every day.
Fancy, wealthy city center  with a traditional portuguese flair.

Lisbon Neighborhoods  Business Areas

One of the most sumptuous business and residential areas in Lisbon.
Marquês de Pombal
The Heart of the City
Luxurious avenues, high-end stores and tree-lined streets peppered with gardens.
Parque das Nações
Landmark Contemporary Architecture
Trendy and business-oriented waterfront location, full of amazing green spaces.

Lisbon Neighborhoods  Beach and Water Sports

The Fascination of the Sea
Culture, nature, water sports, golf courses and beaches – it’s a refined ambience experience.
Costa da Caparica
Locals Known It Better
Wide golden sand beaches, perfect for surfing in a Summer day.
A small fishing village that is now a World Surfing Reserve, with the best waves in Europe.
Fashionable Playground by the Sea
The largest casino in Europe, tennis courts, race tracks and some of the finest golf courses.
Surfers\' Paradise
Massive waves and near constant breeze, ideal for professional surfers.

Lisbon Neighborhoods  Golf Courses

Exquisite Lifestyle
The largest housing and golf complex in the great Lisbon area.
Quinta da Marinha
The Most Exclusive Area in Cascais
The most exquisite residential area in Cascais, surrounded by amazing beaches and golf courses.

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